Natural Stone Travertine Classico Tiles Honed and Filled

Classico Travertine is the most popular colour in travertine tiles, the other colours being Exclusive and Cappucino. Natural Stone Travertine creates a distinctive lifestyle statement to one’s personality and beyond.

Quarried in the Mediterranean region, Classico Travertine is honed and filled to a satin finish that complements the stones natural variation in colour. Recommended and suited for interior use on walls and floors, it’s used virtually anywhere in the house from kitchen or bathroom to lounge and dining area. It can be used externally for wall cladding, though we do not advise customers to use natural stone travertine in its smooth satin finish in external floor areas exposed to water for its slipperiness.

Being a natural stone product, Classico Travertine Tiles will vary in colour between tiles and although a batch selection is sorted within a tonality selection. It will differ from batch to batch, and therefore it’s essential to arrange a product preview of the current stock available.

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Travertine Classico Tiles present beautiful light shades of cream, caramel and beige; colours that are adaptable to a wide range of interior and exterior settings. It comes in Veincut Tiles or Crosscut Tiles, offering two very different looks; organic or linear. These tiles can be filled in three ways; epoxy filled, cement filled & grout filled. The subtle shade and variations found in these tiles make it a very popular choice for many people. Classico Travertine is the most versatile choice of natural stone tiles to use in a number of different palettes; it can be the basis of a very neutral scheme or be paired with deeper or more vibrant colours to create a more dramatic effect.

In recent years, more and more homeowners have taken a liking to natural stone and have used them in as many applications as possible. This is particularly true in bathrooms where the stone will not only be a feature on the floor, but can be used for other places such as walls, sinks, and tubs. Travertine is one of the natural stones that are currently popular for use in bathrooms. Homeowners prefer it for the character it brings into a room through its various colours, venations, and patterns.

The best travertine tile finish to use for areas such as bathrooms and showers are either the hone-finished or tumble-finished travertine bathrooms. Hone-finished travertine bathrooms have a matte finish that softens the stone’s appearance. Tumble-finished travertine, on the other hand, has an antiqued appearance in natural colours. These two types of finishes are great with bathrooms because they are able to withstand spills most likely to occur in bathrooms such as makeup and other beauty products.

The choice of travertine for the bathroom does not end on the floors or walls. Travertine has also been used in bathroom fixtures such as sinks and bathtubs, and you could do your entire bathroom in travertine if so wished.

Travertine tile is a great choice for bathrooms not only because of its beauty but also for its easy maintenance. Travertine in bathrooms is very easy to clean and hardly shows water spots and soap scum, the bane of homeowners everywhere. A squeegee works well enough to remove these stubborn stains.

It can be seen that as a natural stone product, the Classico Travertine Tile is a natural choice for home-owners, especially those who wish to re-do their homes, be it bathrooms, kitchens or other areas of the home. Classico with its subtle colours are a great choice for home-owners who wish to hold on to the classic and timeless elements in life.

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